Rise for Alex


Download 'Alex - Day by Day' song now

'Alex - Day by Day', a song dedicated to Alex McKinnon, written and performed by Darryl Bowen, a family friend of Alex from his hometown of Aberdeen is available to purchase now on iTunes and google play for $1.19.

All proceeds of the song go towards the RiseForAlex Fund which provides Alex McKinnon with ongoing financial and medical support, allowing Alex to focus on his recovery and rehabilitation.

When the tight knit community of Aberdeen was rocked by the news of their rising star's injury in March this year, Darryl was inspired to take to his guitar and created a special song for Alex. 

Alex was so moved by this song that it has become the theme song for the RiseForAlex Round.

Speaking about the music, Darryl's inspiration to write the song was to tell a story about Alex.

 "It's about his rise and how Alex got to play footy for the Knights," he explains.

"It's about the people around him then who will also there for the next hurdle in his life."

The song was be performed by Darryl for the first time on the Channel Nine Footy Show tonight and live at the Knights v Titans RiseForAlex match and was also played at every Round 19 game this weekend when teams run out onto the field.


Click here for the iTunes download.

Click here for the google play download.