Rise for Alex


Privacy Policy

1 July 2014


The RiseForAlex Fund was established in 2014 and is registered for GST (ABN 44 302 327 225), has authority to fundraise in most states and territories in Australia (where this is required) and holds Australian Taxation Office endorsement as a deductible gift recipient. 

The RiseForAlex Fund provides relief to Alex McKinnon, a professional rugby league footballer for the Newcastle Knights, who suffered a devastating spinal injury during a rugby league match in March 2014.

The RiseForAlex Fund is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and all relevant state legislation governing privacy (Privacy Laws).

The policy explains - 

  • What types of Personal Information the RiseForAlex Fund might collect;
  • How the RiseForAlex Fund aims to use Personal Information;
  • When the RiseForAlex Fund will disclose Personal Information;
  • How the RiseForAlex Fund manages and secures Personal Information;
  • How Personal Information held by the RiseForAlex Fund can be accessed.

This policy does not apply to the extent that the RiseForAlex Fund de-identifies information in compliance with Privacy Laws (meaning that information has been de-identified so that the individual's identity is not apparent or reasonably identifiable).

Relevant Definitions in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) -

Personal Information means information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:

  1. Whether the information or opinion is true or not; and
  2. Whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.

Sensitive Information means:

  1. Information or an opinion about an individual’s:
  • Racial or ethnic origin; or
  • Political opinions; or
  • Membership of a political association; or
  • Religious beliefs or affiliations; or
  • Philosophical beliefs; or
  • Membership of a professional or trade association; or
  • Membership of a trade union; or
  • Sexual orientation or practices; or
  • Criminal record

that is also personal information; or

  1. Health information about an individual; or
  2. Genetic information about an individual that is not otherwise health information; or
  3. Biometric information that is to be used for the purpose of automated biometric verification or
  4. Biometric identification; or
  5. Biometric templates.

Privacy Policy

1. Collection

1.1 Purpose of Collection

The RiseForAlex Fund seeks to raise funds for Alex McKinnon.

The RiseForAlex Fund collects Personal Information from donors, supporters and other individuals and businesses for the purpose of:

  • Processing donations;
  • Providing information about the RiseForAlex Fund’s activities; and
  • Seeking support for the RiseForAlex Fund. 

1.2 How Personal Information is Collected

The RiseForAlex Fund collects Personal Information directly from individuals who respond to its fundraising programs.  

Acquisition of new donors may be conducted using any of the following methods:

  • Media campaigns (television, radio and print media including magazines)
  • Online advertising and internet campaigns
  • Social media activities
  • Special events
  • Corporate sponsorship opportunities
  • Direct mail solicitation (including unaddressed mail pieces and rental of mailing lists)
  • Purchase or rental of mailing lists 

2. Type of Information Collected

Personal Information collected from individuals includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone / mobile
  • Email address
  • Donation details including: cheque and/or bank account details, credit card number (including expiry dates), receipt number
  • Other Personal Information such as reason for giving, age, acquisition channel, prior participation in appeals, responses to information provided, social media engagement

3. Security Measures

The RiseForAlex Fund has implemented the following security measures to ensure that Personal Information is not misused or subject to any unauthorised access.

The RiseForAlex Fund also takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold against misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

3.1 Site

The offices of the RiseForAlex Fund have a security system.

3.2 Computer

The RiseForAlex Fund office operates under a computer network system. This system is protected from external access via a secure firewall. Each computer work station is password protected and “locks” after a non-operational period of 15 minutes to ensure security of information stored.

Personal Information collected by the RiseForAlex Fund is stored on a secure database which is also password protected, and has internal security measures regarding level of access for certain users.

3.3 Transmission of Information

The RiseForAlex Fund encrypts and/or password protects any Personal Information sent via email.

Any off-site locations have security processes in place to ensure the security of Personal Information.

All other confidential or secure information is transmitted verbally or by direct face-to-face communication.

3.4 Staff Members

All RiseForAlex Fund staff members sign Confidentiality Deeds at the start of their employment under which they must comply with Privacy Laws. All temporary staff members are also required to sign Confidentiality Deeds.

The RiseForAlex Fund only employs temporary staff from a staff employment agency which is under an obligation to comply with the Privacy Laws.

4. Use and Disclosure

Personal Information obtained by the RiseForAlex Fund is used for the purpose of processing an individual's donation.

The RiseForAlex Fund may also use Personal Information to communicate with donors about

Fund’s fundraising activities and provide individuals with the opportunity to support these activities.

The RiseForAlex Fund may also use Personal Information to identify potential new donors.

Personal Information obtained by the RiseForAlex Fund may be disclosed to third parties who may assist the Fund in conducting its activities including third parties who distribute information on behalf of the RiseForAlex Fund. RiseForAlex Fund third party service providers may in turn use sub-contractors in Australia or overseas to assist in this regard.

If we disclose Personal Information to third parties, we will ensure that any agreement with them includes an obligation on them to comply with the Privacy Laws in respect of the use and disclosure of Personal Information.

5. Requests for Removal

The RiseForAlex Fund provides regular, simple means for an individual not to receive further communications.

Regular advice on the individual's right to be removed and how to be removed is contained in all online, mail and email correspondence and in verbal discussion where appropriate.

The RiseForAlex Fund does not charge individuals for giving effect to these requests and does not send further marketing communications to individuals who have made a request not to receive marketing communications.

If an individual elects not to receive further communications from the Fund, the RiseForAlex Fund will retain certain personal information of that individual for the purpose of ensuring that they do not receive any further marketing communications from the RiseForAlex Fund.

6. Access and Correction of Personal Information

6.1 Access

Any individual can have access to the information held about them at any time, and/or request further information about how the RiseForAlex Fund manages Personal Information.  The RiseForAlex Fund may only refuse requests for access in very limited circumstances.

Requests for access can be made by contacting the RiseForAlex Fund on admin@RiseForAlex.org.au or by written application to:

Privacy Officer
RiseForAlex Fund
32 Industrial Drive

6.2 Correction

The RiseForAlex Fund uses its best endeavours to ensure that all Personal Information it holds is accurate, complete and up to date.  The RiseForAlex Fund encourages individuals to tell us of any changes to the Personal Information that we hold about them.

If an individual notifies us of any errors or requests a correction to their Personal Information, we will take all reasonable steps (in the relevant circumstances) to correct the information.

Individuals can contact RiseForAlex Fund by email admin@RiseForAlex.org.au to update any Personal Information held by the Fund.

7. Questions and Complaints

Individuals who have a question or wish to complain about the treatment of their Personal Information should contact the RiseForAlex Fund as set out below:

Privacy Officer
RiseForAlex Fund
32 Industrial Drive

The RiseForAlex Fund will consider the question or complaint and provide a response within 30 days. Whilst the RiseForAlex Fund will do its best to answer your question or resolve your complaint, if you feel it remains unresolved or you wish for further investigation to take place you should contact

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001

8. Destruction

Once Personal Information held by the RiseForAlex Fund is no longer required for any permitted purpose and is not legally required to be retained, the RiseForAlex Fund will remove, de-identify and/or destroy the Personal Information.